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Hello and Welcome! My name is Chip Plaza and photography is my PASSION!

I specialize in senior and family portraits, special events and sports photography. No weddings please, been there, did that, burned out.

I began this fun filmed journey back in the late 70s using a Canon SLR shooting black and white film. Yes film. We developed and printed all of our photos in the high school dark room where I was a photographer for the school's yearbook (The Everette) and newspaper (The Jet). I continued my extracurricular activity on into college, UWEC, where I was also the photo editor of the university's yearbook and a photographer for the newspaper, The Spectator.

The technologies in photography have changed immensely since those days. By day I am an IT consultant , so having everything go digital has been very exciting. My office and computer at home have become my new darkroom. After an enjoyable shoot out in the field , more fun always lies ahead at home in the digital 'darkroom' getting 'the shot' just right for you!

I enjoy meeting and interacting with people and building relationships. Everyone is unique. Unfortunately, there usually is only a short amount of time, an hour or two, to get to really know someone. The challenge and enjoyment in that, is to capture that uniqueness of the individual at that particular moment in his/her life, and preserve it forever!

The same holds true with sports photography, conditions are always changing, every sport has it challenges and sports is very dynamic and fast paced. The rewards are endless. It also gets me out of the darkroom and into some fresh air!

So whether you want a senior or family portrait, a sporting event or a specialized portrait of  yourself, friend or family member riding a BMX bike through the mud, standing in your deer stand or duck blind, or capturing the perfect pirouette after countless hours of practice, feel free to contact me and let's talk. The only limitation is our imaginations!

Feel free to browse through my portfolios to see some of my work. Use the contact link to send me an email me or feel free to call or text, me after 6:00 please (I still have a real job) at 715.214.9399. I am flexible and love a challenge!

Thank you and "Remember to Smile" :-)


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